The Benefits of Glass Bifold Doors

A glass bifold door is undoubtedly the item your home needs to achieve a higher aesthetic appeal and more space-efficient décor. Aside from their looks, outdoor bifold glass doors offer many advantageous practical properties that will make your home more secure and insulated. 

In this article, we discuss how installing a glass bifold door in your home, internally or externally, can be beneficial to you and your family.

Seamless Manufacturing

Before we discuss the specific profitable aspects of the glass bifold door, we must first cover how its construction allows it to achieve these benefits. 

Our outdoor bifold glass doors, and those used internally, are made of aluminium. We have chosen this material because it is incredibly versatile, corrosion-resistant, and very lightweight in comparison to other materials. 

Aluminium, unlike uPVC and timber, can be cast, bent, and shaped with ease without losing strength or structural integrity. Furthermore, it provides far more corrosion resistance due to the naturally-occurring protective coating on the surface of the aluminium, which helps to prevent rust formation from exposure to a naturally oxidising environment.

Lastly, aluminium has a specific weight of 2.71g/cm3, which is far lighter than other materials. This is beneficial during the installation process, which requires far less physical exertion as a result, and easier on your walls. 

Heavy structures require strong foundations. So to install a door with a naturally heavier specific weight, you will need a far stronger wall that is capable of withstanding its weight. The low mass of our outdoor bifold glass doors negates the necessity for strong foundations, which makes an aluminium glass bifold door preferable to doors made of alternative materials. 

However, there is a little more to our aluminium outdoor bifold glass doors than their inherent traits.


Thermal Breaking

Thermally broken aluminium door frames are superior to ordinary aluminium door frames, as they’re enhanced with a high-performing insulating material. This material essentially creates an additional barrier between the two sides of the door frame and their respective sides of the interior of your home and the outdoors. 

A thermally broken glass bifold door allows for higher energy efficiency by preventing indoor and external temperatures from interacting and influencing one another. In the winter, when extremely low temperatures occur, thermally broken aluminium bifold doors are proven to prevent the ingress of cold drafts which can interfere with the temperature regulation of your home.

Space Efficiency

So, now we have discussed how outdoor bifold glass doors work, we can cover the broader benefits of installing one in your home. The first of which is space efficiency. 

In smaller British houses, optimal usage of space is integral. Fortunately, a glass bifold door will meet your space requirements with ease, by folding into a neat bunch at any given end of the door. If you’d prefer your doors to fold outside of your home rather than inside, this is completely possible. 

As well as uniformly folding away, the large space an open glass bifold door leaves when in use can make your entire room feel far more breathable. 

Energy Efficiency

Although we have already covered how the construction of outdoor bifold glass doors can positively impact the usage of heating in your home, we haven’t yet discussed the influence the appearance of the doors make. 

A glass bifold door stretches from floor to ceiling, essentially creating a giant hole in the wall when opened. When closed, however, the width and height of the glass panes allow for far more sunlight ingress into your room than an ordinary window would.

Outdoor glass bifold doors allow sunlight to travel further through your home, especially with the help of mirrors, which can eradicate the need to use artificial lighting during the day. This will noticeably impact your electricity consumption over time and reduce your energy bills long-term as a result.



The concept of your home security relying on a series of large panes of glass can be quite concerning, ordinary glass isn’t exactly the hardest thing to break through. However, we have designed our outdoor bifold glass doors with enhanced security in mind to ease any worries you may have. 

Not only do we use extremely strong double-glazed glass to make the panes for our doors, but we also include upgraded security measures that adhere to the PAS24:2016 standard. 

Each glass bifold door we manufacture includes a multi-point FUHR locking mechanism that uses lock pins formed from impenetrable hardened steel. This complex system is practically indestructible. 

Furthermore, the tracks that lie along the base of the doors are tightly secured, making it virtually impossible to lift the doors from them. Lifting ordinary external doors from their tracks is relatively simple, so opt for our outdoor bifold glass doors to prevent this possibility.

Aesthetic Appeal

Functionality aside, outdoor bifold glass doors are really nice to look at. Their large panes and the spacious feel they grant a room when the doors are opened are second to none. Here at The Glass Door Centre, we make our doors to order. So no matter how many or few doors you need, we can make it happen. We offer a range of configuration options, sizes, door and handle colours and the option for cills and trickle vents. 

There is actually a science behind why bifold doors can make you feel contented and satisfied, which is that the enhanced levels of natural light they allow into your home increase your serotonin levels. Natural light and immersion in the outdoors are invaluable for your mood. So get a sense of the outside without stepping foot out of the door with outdoor bifold glass doors.

Choose The Glass Door Centre

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