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Korniche Bifold Doors

Welcome to The Glass Door Centre, the go-to place for all your bifold door needs! Our competitively-priced selection of Korniche bifold doors as well as flat rooflights are designed with functionality, security, and aesthetics in mind. Our doors occupy a limited amount of space thanks to their slim profiles while also allowing for more glass, aided by the hidden seals which truly help to bring more of the outdoors into your home. These doors offer superb insulation to keep heat in during winter as well as keeping heat out in the summer. Our Korniche bifold doors masterfully reflect the care they were made with and will add something spectacular to your home that you didn’t know it was missing. Whether you’re looking for Aluminium bifold doors, double glazed, or even bespoke, why not browse our gallery or contact us today to receive a quote. Here at Glass Door Centre, we offer nationwide delivery and a 10-year warranty on all of our products so that you can feel confident in the quality of your bifold doors. Contact us today to get in touch with a highly-trained member of our team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Refurbish your home with confidence with Korniche bifold doors today!

Korniche Doors

Kornice doors are a modern and space-efficient way to make a room feel larger. These doors are extremely flexible and fold inwards to reduce the area that your doors occupy while increasing your floor space. Korniche doors have become a fixture in contemporary buildings and homes that have  conservatories, orangeries, extensions and communal areas. Our bifold doors are built with a durable and thermally broken aluminium frame, as well as insulating double-glazed safety glass, which will keep you warm and banish your worries about replacing your doors again. Additionally, you don’t have to feel constricted to your house-layout, as our doors can be designed around corners. This means that you can open up a corner section fully without the need for a support beam, which will further compact the amount of space that your doors occupy. Contact us today for a bespoke quote if you’d like to learn more. We will estimate the cost of installing these beautiful and smoothly-functional doors into your home and answer any other questions you may have. Start enjoying the benefits of our Korniche doors today!

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  • Are Korniche bifold doors secure?

    Korniche bifold doors offer the highest level of security available. The frames are made from aluminium, which is anti-corrosive and durable. All our doors are rigorously tested and are certified to the advanced PAS24:2016 standard. Each bifold door is fitted with 3 Star Yale locking barrel, high strength shoot-bolts and multi-point FUHR locking systems. The shoot-bolt handle has a unique antibackdrive feature which means that even unlocked, a forced entry attempt can’t rotate the handle to open the door. The doors are also internally glazed using our patented clip glazing bead to offer reliable and robust security that you should expect.

  • Are Korniche bifold doors thermally efficient?

    Our Korniche bifold doors offer a wealth of unique features that improve heat retention and make our doors thermally efficient.

    Firstly, our high-quality double glazing comes as standard. Then, instead of silicone, we use Q-Ion, a new sealing technology, which means Korniche bifolding doors are better at keeping the heat in during winter and the cool in during summer.

    Our doors are made from aluminium which is a light-weight metal and has been considered to offer poor thermal efficiency in the past. However, our aluminium bifold doors feature a polyamide thermal break. A thermal break is a material with low thermal conductivity and is included within the construction of our doors improving the energy efficiency.

  • What are bifold doors?

    Before being universally settled by manufacturers and consumers, bifold doors were originally called a plethora of different names. These included: Slide and fold doors, Slide and turn doors, Folding patio doors, Concertina doors or Accordion doors. Depending on the width of your opening, bifold doors generally have a minimum of 2 doors that are expertly joined together in a way which allows them to slide and fold together easily. It is very much possible to have a bifold door with more than 2 doors (usually as high as 6) but it’s uncommon to have more than this figure.

  • Benefits of bifold doors:

    There are numerous benefits of having a bifold door such as increasing the level of natural light into your property. A dimly lit living space can be totally transformed by replacing areas of solid wall with a bifold door which will let the natural light allure your premises.

    Bifold doors can also act as a method of security as most feature multi point locks on the access door along with shoot bolts on other doors making them very secure and sturdy. They even add incredible value to your property as it improves the appeal to potential purchasers while also being aesthetically pleasing.

  • Where can Korniche bifold doors be used?

    Korniche bifold doors can be used in numerous locations. The most common use is in new extensions added to the rear of a house They are also often found in conservatories, orangeries and even bedrooms. The possibilities are endless with bifold doors and they don’t just have to be limited to private properties either. They make for excellent entrances to bars, restaurants and shops on the high street.

  • How easy is it to install bifold doors?

    Generally speaking, bifold doors should take no longer than a day to install. It is worth mentioning that a qualified installer is always advised if you have no experience with installing the door yourself. In addition, installation kits often come with bifold door products to help with the installation process.

  • Do bifold doors need planning permission?

    You very rarely need to apply for planning permission to install bifold doors in an existing opening in your property/premises. If you are creating a new opening you should be covered under permitted development rights however, it’s worth contacting your local council first before undergoing any work. I

    If you happen to live in a listed building, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) then you would need to get the appropriate planning permission before you can install the door.

  • How much do Korniche bifold doors cost?

    To find out how much our Korniche bifold doors cost, please fill out the quotation form or for an even quicker response, CALL OUR TEAM on 0203 005 1587 – we’re never beaten on price, quality or service!

  • What is the best configuration for a bifold door?

    Most homeowners prefer to have what is called a ‘traffic door’ which is a single door that can be easily opened without the need to open any of the other doors. The best way to achieve a traffic door is to select an odd number of doors. It is possible to have a four and six bifold door set with a traffic door but the doors do not fold to one side which for some, looks more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Should my bifold doors open inwards or outwards?

    Most people tend to open bifold doors outwards for two main reasons. Reason one is if it’s been raining, and the doors are wet on the outside, they won’t drip onto your flooring when open. This reduces the chance for mould to develop, especially if you have carpet adjacent to your bifold door. Reason two is because there is generally no issues with furniture getting in the way of the doors when they are open and will allow for a little extra space in your property.

  • Are Korniche Bifold Doors A Good Idea?

    Korniche bifold doors are a great idea for those looking for contemporary, low maintenance, and highly-durable alternatives to ordinary doors. They’re extremely flexible as they can fold in on themselves and provide your room with a more spacious feel. Not to mention that they let in a lot of natural light which is proven to heighten serotonin levels. Bifold doors come with a variety of frames. But we recommend Aluminium Bifold Doors every time for their durability, strength, and efficiency. Contact us today if you would like to discover more about our Bifold Door selection.