Bifold Doors in a dining room

Dining Room Bifold Doors

“We ordered some bifold doors from the Glass Door Centre and I can honestly say that they are best value bifold doors we have found, the quality of them is fantastic and the service we received was phenomenal. Thank you for your great service.“

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Dining Room Bifold Doors

At Glass Door Centre, you can find a great selection of dining room bifold doors made to measure for your specific requirements. Offering more natural light and seamless access between different areas in your house, our bifold doors can help completely transform your dining room into a contemporary open plan space. An additional advantage of our dining room bifold doors is the fact that when open they can fold up compactly without taking up additional space and providing easier access from your dining area into your living room or an outdoor area. Our dining room bifold doors can be delivered directly to your address no matter where in the country you are. Call us today to receive a custom quote for your new doors!

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Dining Rooms With Bifold Doors

With our bifold doors, dining rooms all around the country can enjoy better temperature regulation and stunning panoramic views. Dining rooms with bifold doors are better insulated, especially if you use our industry leading folding doors. Our dining room bifold doors are constructed from aluminium with foam filled gaskets, industry leading sealing technology and high quality double glazing to offer you advanced temperature control. With our bifold doors you can keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We also offer a 10-year warranty on our products so you can rest assured that your new doors will hold sturdy for many years to come.

  • Why Install Bifolds In The Dining Room?

    The dining room is a communal area in which you can entertain guests and family members. Installing bifolds into this space will open it up dramatically, and give it a sense of space and clarity that is hard to replicate. Plus, you are likely adding significant value to your property should you decide to make the investment. Even if you are not selling at the moment, planning for the future is a sensible decision.

  • Are They High Maintenance?

    No, they are not! People are often relieved to hear that they are extremely low maintenance. Cleaning is simple and needs to be completed semi regularly, either by yourself or a professional window cleaner. You may wish to complete a maintenance check once a year too, although this is likely precautionary. These doors are built to last, using high quality materials and glass.

  • Can I Install Curtains With My Doors?

    Many people worry about the reduced privacy, which is definitely something to consider. However, there are options available to you. If you have adequate space above the doors, curtains can be installed to provide shade and privacy. There are other options too, such as blinds. It is worth exploring the market to see all the options available to you.

  • Will Planning Permission Be Required?

    In 99% of cases, planning permission will not be required for this type of installation. It is usually covered under ‘permitted development’. They are unlikely to impact your neighbours, and will not alter the appearance of the property significantly. Thus, you should be fine. If you are concerned about planning permission, it may be wise to reach out to your local planning authority.