How to Clean Bifold Doors


As a leading supplier of Korniche bifold doors, we want to give you actionable guidance on how to clean bifold doors. Many people think that cleaning this type of door system requires a range of expensive cleaning products. We are here to tell you that you can clean your bifold doors, and get fantastic results, with items that are likely sitting around the home. 

Bifold doors are a big investment, but one that ultimately pays dividends. Not only do they look phenomenal, and will wow your guests, but they can increase your property’s value by a significant percentage. 

Cleaning your doors regularly and taking care of them is the best way to ensure the product’s longevity, and to enjoy them as they should be enjoyed: in pristine condition. Continue below where we outline, in detail, how to clean bifold doors. 

How to Clean Bifold Doors: Our Step by Step Guide

Getting Started 

Before you start, you are going to need to source a few items. As we previously outlined, it is a common misconception that expensive, off the shelf cleaning products are required for this task. 

You will need to source a sponge, a microfibre cloth, a soft rag, an all purpose cleaner and a glass cleaner. If you are strapped for cash or do not have the time to go to a shop, it is no problem. Both of these cleaning solutions can be made with relative ease. 

An all purpose cleaner, for example, can be produced by combining white vinegar, water and a good squeeze of lemon. 

If you would prefer to buy a dedicated glass and multipurpose cleaner, there are a huge range of options on the market. This may be beneficial if you have other areas of the home that require attention too. 

Pick the Right Day

Believe it or not, waiting for the right weather conditions is important. Ideally, you want to avoid cleaning your door system on sunny days. This is because the sun is likely to dry any cleaning solution quicker than it can be wiped away. 

If you are looking for streak free windows, and to complete the job efficiently, it is recommended that you clean your bifold doors on a cloudy day. 

Start By Dusting

You can start by dusting the panes of glass as well as the frame of your bifold doors. Think of this step as prepping your doors for the harder work later, when you will apply a cleaning solution. 

Take your soft rag and remove any dust or dirt from the doors, ensuring that you wipe from the top to the floor. That way, any dirt or dust is not reintroduced into the process. 

Clean the Interior First

You are, of course, free to clean your doors in any particular order. However, we would recommend directing your attention to the interior first. This is because they are likely to have accumulated less dirt, dust and grime. 

If you clean the exterior first, you will undoubtedly contaminate your cleaning tools. This will make cleaning the interior more difficult and time consuming.

Close up of homemade cleaner using lemons

Approaching the Glass

A guide on how to clean bifold doors would not be complete without mentioning the glass panes. This is the exciting part, as getting a good result at this stage makes a huge difference to the appearance of your bifold doors. 

As mentioned before, you can create your own glass cleaner or purchase a commercial glass cleaner. Tackle the glass one pane at a time, ensuring you take your time. Spray your solution onto the glass and wipe using a microfibre cloth. 

Alternatively, if you have one to hand, a squeegee can be used to clear the cleaning solution. Start at the top and work downwards, ensuring you work in a reverse ‘S’ motion. Wipe your squeegee, or cloth, and repeat as necessary.

Buffing Dry

Once you have completed the above step, you can now buff the glass dry. Some people use old newspaper to complete this step, whilst others use a clean microfibre cloth. We encourage you to try out both and see what works for you. 

Once this is complete, your glass will have a shine and presence similar to when it was first installed. 

Cleaning the Frame

We left this step till last as it is, arguably, the easiest one. Bifold door frames are made using high quality materials. They are built to last and withstand the elements. This makes cleaning them relatively easy.

Simply soak a non-abrasive cloth in warm soapy water and wipe. The vast majority of the time, this should be enough to clean your frame. 

Bonus Tip: How to Clean Bifold Door Track

As well as the glass and the frame, it is important to know how to clean a bifold door track. The track can collect dust and dirt too, so cleaning it properly is the best way to guarantee an immaculate result. 

We recommend vacuuming the track firstly, to remove large bits of dust, dead insects or small stones. If you find that you are unable to achieve sufficient depth with your vacuum, you can always use a thin brush. 

From here, you can remove any dirt, dust or grime using your multipurpose cleaner and an old toothbrush. 

With the heavy lifting out of the way, you can now give the track a final wipe with an old rag. If you have any to hand, WD40 is useful to ensure the smooth running of your system on the track. A couple of squirts should be sufficient. 

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