How Do Bifold Doors Work

View of a modern living room with bifold doors

Today, we wanted to provide answers for anyone who has ever wondered ‘’how do bifold doors work?’’.

Having grown in popularity throughout the last few years, and set to follow a similar trajectory, we at The Glass Door Centre have experienced an increase in curious customers. 

In addition to unpacking the mechanics behind bifold doors, we wanted to explore some of the undeniable benefits that come with installing this type of door. 

Continue below where we tackle bifold doors: asking how they work and what they offer you, the homeowner. 

Simply Put, What Are Bifold Doors?

With such an increase in popularity throughout the last few years, the majority of homeowners now have some understanding of what bifold doors are. In many cases, they have experience with them in the home. 

Still, we want to provide an insight for uneducated readers who have limited experience with this type of installation. Simply put, bifold doors are a type of folding door system that incorporate two or more sections which open by one section folding flat against the next. Simple, right? 

The frame, which is typically made from thermally broken aluminium, houses large glazed panels which fold out entirely. This creates uniformity between two spaces, which is why so many installations are located between the kitchen and the garden. 

This creates one large, open plan space that dissolves the barrier between the outdoors and the indoors. People do, however, choose to have bifold door systems installed internally. This works too, and offers similar levels of aesthetic and practical value.

So How Do Bi Folding Doors Work?

Now we have an understanding of what bifold doors are, but how do bi folding doors work?

As we touched on above, the door system features folding back hinged frames and glazed panels that expand the size of the entranceway. In essence, this opens up the entire room and creates an open space between two rooms. 

The doors sit on a tracking system. This tracking system runs along the glazed panels, connected by a train. The doors are able to fold and then slide along this tracking system by way of wheels, typically. In some cases, the system can feature upward of 7 panels which sit, top and bottom, on the roller track. 

Interior and exterior systems will operate slightly differently, but the majority of installations follow the same principles. Once you understand the basic premise, the concept is rather simple. It is, however, a specialist job. Fitting the doors, frames and tracking system(s) will require the expertise of someone with experience in the field. 

Are There Any Benefits to Owning This Type of Door?

We are huge advocates for installing bifold doors, as is demonstrated in our recent post on the benefits of glass bifold doors.

You may be thinking that we are obliged to say that, and are somewhat biassed, as we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers. This is far from the reality however. Truthfully, we have seen the difference a bifold door installation can make to a property. 

Not only do they inject tonnes of aesthetic value, and a sleek modern look, into the home, but they provide the unique opportunity to increase exposure to sunlight.

Besides making your home more bright, airy and vibrant, this stands to benefit your health also. Sunlight exposure has been clinically proven to improve mood and, ultimately, lead to a happier, healthier life. By eroding the divide between the indoors and the outdoors, if you opt for an external bifold door installation, this type of door system offers this. 

If that wasn’t enough, bifold doors have the potential to increase property value. This is always something to strive for, even if you are not looking to sell your property at the moment. You never know when your circumstances might change. Resultantly, it is wise to ensure your property is desirable and looked after. This way if you do consider putting it on the market, you will have an easier time doing so. 

Choose Us for Your Next Installation

We sincerely hope that anyone who arrived at this article and wondered ‘’how do bifold doors work?’’ now has a greater understanding. 

The benefits listed above can be enjoyed by anyone who opts to install bifold doors. Although the initial investment is large, the benefits which can be enjoyed afterwards make the whole process worthwhile. 

We offer bifold door installations that are customisable. We always find that the best customer interaction occurs when we understand their unique requirements. 

We therefore ask that if you have any questions, about our product offering or pricing, you contact us today