The Benefits Of Roof Lanterns

The benefits of roof lanterns are endless. From practicality to aesthetic appeal, rooflights of any variation are sure to add a touch of contemporary class to any room. In this article, we’ll discuss these benefits and recommend the type of roof lantern best suited for your needs.

Aesthetic appeal

One of the best benefits of roof lanterns is their aesthetic appeal. Their simplistic and modern appearance is enhanced by their slim, clean lines which exude minimalism. Here at Glass Door Centre, we manufacture various rooflights with multiple customisation options which we display on our sister site, Rooflight Centre

The size, width, colour, and glass type are fully customisable. But if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we manufacture bespoke roof lanterns to ensure you achieve your vision. Of course, the bigger your rooflight is, the better view of the sky you’ll have. The direct view of the sky will not only provide a great view but also give the illusion that your room is far bigger than it is and make your space feel far less confined. 

The lovely effects that natural light creates throughout the day will also put you in a better mood, as exposure to natural sunlight will increase your serotonin levels.
The best rooflight for the job: Bespoke.


Another of the benefits of roof lanterns is that they are incredibly efficient at bringing light into a room, with up to 25% more natural light ingress through a rooflight than a regular window. This will not only illuminate your room but will also help you reduce your energy consumption, as artificial lighting will not be as necessary. 

Furthermore, the sunlight let into your home through your rooflight will also draw in a lot of heat. This heat will remain in your home thanks to the insulation measures that rooflights include, so the need for heating will also be reduced. 
The best rooflight for the job: Flat.


Due to the sheer simplistic nature of rooflights, they tend to be far cheaper than standard wall-mounted windows unless you opt for additional insulation measures. Rooflights, and even bespoke rooflights, are an amazing investment, especially here at Glass Door Centre, as we strive to always provide our clients with the most affordable solutions.

The best rooflight for the job: Korniche.


There are many benefits of roof lanterns that make them a fabulous choice for any home or business. Fortunately, here at Glass Door Centre, we can provide you with rooflights that boast each of these benefits and more! Browse our range of pre-set roof lanterns now, or contact us to enquire about our bespoke roof lanterns!